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Be a part of our new record and a part of our crew. 

Ahoy Submasq Army, as you must know by now we are at the peak of our creative process recording our next album, but unfortunetaly due to the recent events in Israel with plans and concerts being cancelled, as well as some of us losing work, we need to ask for some help from you guys and girls out there. 

How can you help? Its easy! 
Until March 25th, we invite you to purchase a limited editon crew t-shirt which we will print only the exact amount to the people who chooses to help us, a collector item for our hardcore listeners and closest friends and supporters of the band. You will be our crew and excutive producers of the new album  thanks to you the new music will not have to wait longer than expected and we will be able to finish the record. 

So here you go, the link for the preorder of this limited item right here

We will be eternaly grateful

Much love and meet you at our shop
Thanks ahead
The Submasq Guys


Sales Tax Included
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